10 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

10 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant

Ok, so you have taken the first step by looking at what your options are in terms of getting some extra help with your growing business and hiring a Virtual Assistant is one of those options.



So, what is a Virtual Assistant exactly?  A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a freelancer, self-employed, individual contractor and can provide a variety of administrative services.  A VA is similar to an office assistant, administrator or PA with the main difference being that with today’s technology, a VA is able to work flexibly and remotely for a number of clients from their own office.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is fast becoming the go to option for small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs, and here are 10 reasons why;

To drive business growth. An extra pair of hands taking care of some of the day to day admin will allow you to focus on the direction, strategy and growth of your business allowing you to channel your energy into high impact projects and tasks.

You have access to the best talent. Geography isn’t a problem when hiring a Virtual Assistant because we can work from pretty much anywhere! And with today’s technology, you don’t have to be in the same room to have a meeting.  You can cherry pick a VA with specific skills to suit your needs.

Operational costs. And by that, I mean less of.  Virtual Assistants work remotely and not usually on site, so you don’t have to provide a desk and office space.  As freelancers, VA’s also provide their own equipment which is another cost saving.

Reduce your workload. We lead such busy lives these days and none more so that small business owners who live and breathe their business.  But we are not superheroes and can’t do it all, so delegate and reduce your workload.

You pay according to requirements. Virtual Assistants are not employees so you pay for productive hours.  You don’t pay for annual leave, sickness and other such payments; basically, you pay for the number of hours worked or by assignment.

Cost effective recruitment. Save the time and cost associated with the recruitment process; no advertising, interviews or agency fees.  Plus, a good VA will have a wide skillset and plenty of experience so should not need to have training.

Flexible working. You are not obliged to provide work each day or week like you are with an employee and a VA will be able to work flexibly to cover peaks and troughs in workload.  I work with some of my clients every day, some for a few hours a month and others as and when they need me.  Hiring a VA allows you that flexibility.

Fill a skills gap. As well as the executive and administrative support Virtual Assistants provide, many also have a specialism (mine is Human Resources), so if you need support with a particular niche, find a VA with that specialism.

More leisure time. We all crave a work life balance and sometimes it is hard to switch off.  Hiring a VA to reduce your workload will give you the opportunity to rebalance your life.

Quality service. You are the client, so expect great service!

There are 10 reasons to hire a VA and I could give you plenty more, but why hire me?  Lots of reasons, but, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, so instead, why not have a look at what my clients say.