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I’m a firm believer in small and local businesses supporting each other and that’s what my own work is based around.

After my last holiday I flicked through my camera and there wasn’t a single photo of me! There were reasons for this that I won’t go into, but when my friend, client and very talented photographer, Bev, heard she wanted to put this right! I’d love to say we jetted back off to the Canaries to take some photos in the sun, but we didn’t, instead, we made some more memories in a beautiful local park.

So, on a cold February morning, off we went. Bev was fantastic with my children, even the one who was trying to give his own artistic direction on proceedings! I’m not the best in front of camera anyway (unlike my daughter who loves having a photo taken!) but Bev made us feel totally at ease. Before the shoot, she gave guidance on surroundings and location which helped to prepare us.

Bev has an infectious passion for family photography and helping people to capture special moments of happiness in their lives as well as showcasing those moments. She has a special passion for making sure that mums are in photos rather than always being the ones behind the camera. That really struck a chord with me….I love taking photos of my children to be able to show them when they are older, but they will also want some of me with them in the photo won’t they?! Bev’s written all about this in her blog, it’s well worth a read! Click here!

Photography has been a part of Bev’s life for some time but became really big when she started a photo journal when pregnant with her first baby, Joseph. After fab feedback and requests for her skills, it led her to setting up Inspired By Joseph.

Bev is so enthusiastic about family photography and is such an inspiring lady. As well as the photography, on her website, she offers lots of help, advice and freebies to help people become better photographers. Bev puts a lot back into the community by supporting the charity 52 Lives. She is also a governor at Piper Hill School as well as Trust Board Director for the Piper Hill Learning Trust.

Bev has kindly let me use some photos from different shoots on this blog post to showcase her talent.  I’m so excited to see my own photos and I would urge anyone either looking for a great photographer or looking for ways to become a better one to check out the Inspired By Joseph website.

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