My Story

If you're looking for a Virtual Assistant, it's important to know more about them

...just like I believe in getting to know my clients; building that knowledge is extremely important to having a great working relationship.

So, here is my story….

My name is Gemma Cooke and my background has been in Human Resources and admin support roles. Within every one of my roles, I was aware of my “customers” and have a strong customer service focus and ethic.  Before having my 2 children, I worked long hours in roles that had a high level of workload and which needed me to be super organised and on the ball. I enjoyed a busy work life, but after the life changing decision to start a family, my priorities changed and I wanted more of a work life balance.

I knew I didn’t want to give up work because it was such a part of me, but, I wanted to do something which allowed me to be able to see the milestones in my family’s life as well as fulfilling my ambition. I also wanted to do something which allowed me to put my wide range of skills to good use as well as my passion for helping others to succeed. I also wanted to show my children that with hard work and determination, you CAN do it.


So, I set myself up as a self-employed Virtual Assistant which allows me to work remotely with flexible hours. I get to work with clients from different industries which allows me to grow my inquisitive mind and expand my skills. I’m organised, committed to my clients and I love to learn through online learning as well as self teaching; if there is something a client asks of me and I don’t know how to do it, I’ll find out and learn how!

I enjoy working with start-ups, micro and small businesses because I love watching the business grow and evolve and to be part of that very special time. I also understand the needs and constraints of smaller businesses and self-employed as I am in that bracket myself. Some of my clients hire me so that they can regain their work life balance and I understand all about that balancing act!  I also enjoy working with larger businesses because of the variety and complexity of projects. Plus, most of my previous roles in employment have been with larger companies.

I have always had varied roles and my role as a Virtual Assistant is no different in that respect, in fact, it is probably the most varied role I have ever had! No two days are the same, and with the variety of services I offer and my clients being in such different industries, that is no surprise.

I understand that it’s important for you to know about my employment background and if you want a copy, I would be more than happy to provide you with my CV, just contact me.  I also feel that it’s important when hiring a Virtual Assistant to find out about the person so you choose the right one for you. So, you know I am a mum of 2 so I have a lot of patience! I am driven, enthusiastic, self-disciplined and I am productive as a Virtual Assistant, plus I have a great sense of humour and love to laugh. If I’m not working, up to my eyes in play-doh or on a Bear Hunt, you will find me watching footy or riding my little moped!

So that’s me.  What do you want to do next?

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